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In addition to their appearance, overcrowded teeth can cause extensive oral health problems. When teeth are wedged too close, it’s difficult to effectively brush and floss between them, giving plaque and tartar an opportunity to develop and grow. This can lead to tooth decay and potentially more intensive procedures like a root canal if the cavities have gotten too deep. These aren’t the only problems caused by crooked teeth. An overbite or underbite can cause pain and difficulty chewing in addition to extensive wear and tear on your enamel. The good news is that having straight, strong, white teeth has never been easier. Simply make an orthodontics appointment with White Dental today!

Clear Braces & Invisalign®

If the thought of braces creates images of discomfort and embarrassment, don’t worry! Our innovative and state-of-the-art techniques mean that braces no longer have to be uncomfortable and unsightly. Ask us about Invisalign invisible braces or other options that will give you a straighter and healthier smile without the unsightly appearance of traditional braces.

Invisalign is a simple process. After an initial consultation, you will get a series of dental appliances to wear that will gradually position and straighten your teeth. Because the process is gradual, you should experience little discomfort or pain. Plus, the appliances are virtually invisible, meaning you can forget about the embarrassment that might come with traditional braces.

About Dr. White

Dr. White is a fellow in the GP Academy of Orthodontics, highly experienced and trained to perform all orthodontic procedures. This includes braces and alternative options like Invisalign for children, teenagers and adults.

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